Laser Toner Manufacturer

Energy Saving and Resource Conversation!

FLEXITONE New Materials can provide high-quality toners for a wide range of devices. Compatibility is guaranteed for popular brands such as HP, CANON, and XEROX. As the first manufacturer of chemical toners in mainland China, we possess both the experience and expertise to satisfy your requirements.

  • Research and Development
  • After analyzed the development of toner industry, Flexitone realized that chemical toner was developing rapidly and would play a leading role in the field. We have cultivated and attracted talents in surface chemistry, macromolecule, polymerization, pigment dispersion, toner manufacturing, toner evaluation and other aspects, so as to build our research and development team.
  • Why Us
  • By means of the chemical polymerization method, resin is made into toner particles in different colors, so as to produce the polymerized toner. Compared with physical toner that is manufactured through grinding, polymerized toner is composed of granules whose structures, sizes and shapes are under strict control.